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Oakfest RYE 2018

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Dear Oakfest Fans

So we have just finished our fifth year of Oakfest Rye. Over the years we have really enjoyed putting the event on regardless of all the stress and troubles it has given us including accusations of taking money from the event. We have raised over £12k over the 5 years.
The thing that has driven us on to do it was raising money for local charities and bringing the community together for a good time. Unfortunately we have had some rather large issues over the last couple of years with suppliers and other events locally.
This year was rather a sad year for the organizers, we have raised £700 which is a very long way down from previous years and feel it is far to much effort and strain on our families.
It is with great sadness to announce that Oakfest Rye will not be organized in the future, but as most of you know us well, we won't be sitting down for to long. More than likely we will organise another event but not on this scale. I don't think many realise that there are only 4 people who organise the event, planning, running and packing away. WE ARE BURNT OUT.
We thank all of you that have been part of the events and all of the supporters for helping us raise so much.

We will see you soon.

Oakfest Crew

As the Festival is held on a working sheep farm
May we respectfully asked that Festival Guest's LEAVE thier dog's at home for the day.
Otherwise you will be refused entry to the fields and Festival
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