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Oakfest RYE 2018

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Rye's New Helm

RNLI Rye Harbour
Rye Harbour RNLI Lifeboat team strengthened by a new helm
Congratulations to Tony Peters on passing out as helm at Rye Harbour RNLI tonight (May 21) under the watchful eye of Allen Head, Area Lifesaving Manager (ALM), who was there to assess his performance: Tony passed with flying colours.

Tony has been involved with the RNLI for eighteen years. To enable him to be fully trained it has often required the whole team to be involved. For example, if he was wishing to be competent in electronic navigation the lifeboat would need to be launched, involving a crew and shore staff. There are many stages to this training as helmsman which provide a logical sequence preparatory to being passed out. Each stage is checked by an independent assessor to ensure that the crew member can demonstrate his/her knowledge of that particular set of skills. It requires hard work, commitment and determination.

Tony comes from a family with strong connections to the RNLI as his father, Roy, was helm at Brighton RNLI and Tony has many happy memories of being involved at Brighton Marina.

Jai Gudgion, a crew member at Rye Harbour said, ‘Tony has worked very hard to achieve this position. Once a helmsman passes out the real learning begins. He has experience and that comes with a good knowledge base. In the years to come, it will be the continuing to build on that that will give him greater judgement in the many situations he will find himself in. Tony always makes himself available, often sacrificing his own plans for the good of the station or the crew. Selflessness is one of the core values of the RNLI and he certainly demonstrates that trait. He is happy to help new crew members, bringing them along, and is approachable in doing so. Congratulations on a well deserved achievement.’

The journey has been a team effort: he has received support from his LOM(Lifeboat Operations Manager) Tony Edwards, the crew and his family. We wish him every success.

Tony Edwards said, “He will be a great asset to the station and now the ball has started rolling I look forward to others following in his footsteps and being passed out as helm.’

Tony will hopefully be attending Oakfest again this year with us, so any question about the lifeboat or crew can be asked and answered on the day.
Unless they have to leave for a rescue!
As the Festival is held on a working sheep farm
May we respectfully asked that Festival Guest's LEAVE thier dog's at home for the day.
Otherwise you will be refused entry to the fields and Festival
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